TR413 Rubber Snap-In Valve Stem 1-1/4" 100/Bag (ADDON)

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TR413 Rubber Snap-In Valve Stem 1-1/4" 100/Bag
During their use, car valves are subject to a lot of stress from external influences. This wear and tear can sooner or later lead to a loss of pressure in the tire. Therefore, the safety of the driver and other road users is thereby endangered. It is thus of utmost importance to choose the right car valve and to replace the valves every time the tires are changed. The selection of valves is very vast. As for material, valves vary between rubber valves, metal car valves or aluminum valves. They also differ in the way they are attached to the rim: snap-in rubber valves are pulled into the rim with the help of a valve retraction lever, whereas clamp-in metal screw-in valves are screwed into the valve hole. Snap-in car valves are suitable for speeds up to 130 mph. At higher speeds, special clamp-in metal valves must be used. The most important technical data to differentiate the valves are the length and the diameter of the rim hole. Labels such as TR412, TR413 or TR414 indicate the length of the car valve and for which rim hole size it is suitable. For example, TR413 indicates 42.5mm in length and 11.3mm in the rim hole diameter.
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