Rotary offers a variety of light-duty vehicle lifts that are suitable for settings ranging from repair shops to dealer service centers and home enthusiast garages. Built with toughness and practicality in mind, you can’t go wrong with a Rotary lift.

Two Post Lifts

Rotary two post lifts are the ultimate expression of smart, high-performance design built with safety and durability in mind. Whether you need a symmetrical or asymmetrical solution, Rotary has a two post lift that will fit your needs.

Four Post Lifts

Rotary’s four post lifts make your jobs easier and safer. No matter what the job is, from regular maintenance to multipoint inspections, to advanced alignment, Rotary four post lifts are well-suited to your requirements.

In-Ground Lifts

Innovative, environmentally-friendly, low-footprint design allows shops to save space and have more in ground lifts in less space. More lifts means more business.  Rotary’s range of in-ground lifts range from solutions perfect for dealerships and auto shops to heavy duty maintenance shops.

Scissor Lifts

Compact but capable, lightweight but heavy-duty, Rotary Scissor Lifts are an excellent choice for those with limited space or shops that frequently do quicker jobs. These innovative lifts are built to quality Rotary standards and available in a range of sizes, capable of servicing small cars to large trucks and buses.


Hunter is a leading producer of quality vehicle lifts, with solutions ranging from lifts for light vehicles to heavy-duty trucks.  Hunter lifts are built with space-saving design, so that you can maximize productivity.

Scissor Lifts

Hunter’s scissor lifts are known for their extra wide runways and features like swing jacks built with low-profile design.

Four Post Lifts

Known for their strength and manufactured with top quality materials, Hunter’s 4 post lift solutions include both open and closed front alignment lifts.