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Regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to maintain safety, maximize efficiency and to extend the life of your vehicle lift.  Lift inspections identify and repair minor concerns before they become major issues that render lifts unsafe or inoperative. JWT Equipment Specialists is your Rotary Master Distributor and Service Center. We inspect and service not only Rotary but all the major lift brands.

To sign up for lift inspections, complete the form below.  Our team will contact you to set a date that works with your schedule. If you have any questions regarding the program, you can reach the service department at 844-JWT-SERV (844-598-7378). 

What you can expect when a JWT Equipment Specialists Service Tech comes to your site

  1. Torque anchor bolts to manufacturer specifications.
  2. Check and adjust equalizer cables.
  3. Check and adjust safety latch cables.
  4. Check fluid level.
  5. Check hoses and hydraulics.
  6. On In-Ground lifts, remove cover and inspect mechanical components for corrosion and wear. Check cassette for water and hydraulic oil accumulation.  Check condition and operation of safety locks, visible hoses and replace cover
  7. Check adaptors for damage or missing parts.
  8. Repairs and follow-up work noted during the lift inspection will be quoted and performed and discounted rates.

2024 Lift Inspection Pricing

  • Above-Ground Lifts: $100 per lift.
  • In-Ground Lifts: $125 per lift.

Pricing includes travel.

Pricing is valid between 01/01/2024-12/31/2024. Lift inspections will be scheduled between March 15 and October 31.

Terms and Conditions

Pricing may be subject to change without notice.  To properly inspect the mechanical components of in-ground lifts, removal of the cover plate is required.  Successfully removing the cover bolts largely depends on condition of the bolts and plate.  Rust and corrosion may result in broken or damaged bolts.  In the event of broken bolts, the repair of same will be completed at time and material rates.  Such repairs are often time consuming and will make the lift/bay inoperable until the repairs are completed.