Hunter’s commitment to manufacturing quality products is exemplified in its award-winning brake lathes, which help brake businesses stay above their competition. Offering both bench and on-the-car varieties, Hunter Engineering delivers precision brake lathe equipment that is second to none.


The Hunter BL505 combination brake lathe is the epitome of forward-thinking design, allowing easy and quick switching between rotor and drum setups. Its versatility allows it to service vehicles of a range of sizes- it can handle up to 24 inch drums and 23 inch rotors. Precision and speed, along with a heavy-duty bench lathe option make this a must-have for your brake facility.


AutoComp Elite® is Hunter’s extraordinarily fast and precise on-car brake lathe solution. Vibration chatter is non-existent due to the AutoComp Elite’s® game changing anti-chatter technology. The result is an incredibly smooth, precision finish in only 9 minutes per rotor. Your shop will increase efficiency and maintain excellent quality work with the AutoComp Elite® brake lathe.


Ammco’s high-quality brake lathes are known for almost never breaking down. Reliability, durability, and best-in-class performance are key reasons why Ammco brake lathes are trusted by technicians everywhere, and have been for 50 years.