With warmer weather on the way, now is the time to service your Clean Burn waste oil furnace and/or boiler. Clean Burn recommends that you service your equipment every 700 to 1,000 hours of operation. Save money and reduce the likelihood of nuisance no heat calls by servicing your heating system now! The next heating season is never far away.

JWT Equipment Specialists is your Clean Burn Master Distributor and Service Center!

To sign up for the maintenance program, complete the form below and one of our service writers will contact you to set a date for service. If you have any questions regarding the program, you can reach the service department at 844-JWT-SERV (844-598-7378).

What you can expect when a JWT Equipment Specialists Service Tech comes to your site

  1. Vacuum ashes from combustion chamber and flue tubes.
  2. Vacuum chimney at breach, clean and adjust barometric damper for proper draft.
  3. Inspect burner for worn or weak components and upgrades.
  4. Clean and replace filters as needed in the tank, pump and canister. 
  5. The following parts are included with the maintenance program:
    • nozzle, air and oil components;
    • pump gasket and screen;
    • air & oil solenoid plungers and springs;
    • new canister O-ring;

Any additional parts that need to be replaced will be at a 10% discount.

Any required follow up work will be at a discounted hourly rate ($110.00) and 10% discount on parts.

FREE telephone technical support in the fall if necessary.Torque anchor bolts to maintenance specification.

2022 Clean Burn Maintenance Program Pricing

Sign up by August 31, 2022 to receive the discounted rate!

April 1st – August 31st $635 per unit plus travel

September 1st – March 31st $715 per unit plus travel

*NJ requires emission test.  $30 will be added for test.  Emission test is pass or fail

If there are 4 or more units, $25 per unit discount will be applied. Travel is at a discounted rate of $85/hour. Pricing is based on sign up date.  Scheduling is determined by JWT Equipment Specialists.

Requirements for the Program

This program excludes discontinued models however; we do service all Clean Burn models. Billing for those discontinued models would be time and material at the discounted rate of $110/hour and 10% off parts. Each unit must not have run for more than 1,500 hours since it was last serviced. Customer must have enough oil to fire the unit at time service is completed. If a man lift or special equipment is required to reach or gain access to the equipment, a rental fee may be charged.